Stylists Explain How To Transition Your Hair Routine Come Winter

Every change in your personal environment brings with it new paths that can mess up your style. Sure, the summer you may have to deal with sun damage and color fading more easily, but winter brings some pretty annoying attacks on your hair as well. “In winter, your hair is exposed to radiator heat, vehicle heat, dry cold fresh air and direct sunlight in winter,” says Manetti. "Winter is most likely drier. Depending on the texture, this can lead to extreme dryness or static build-up in the hair."

But it's also lifestyle choices we make in winter that can affect our strands too. The weather not only affects our hair, but also our behavior. "In winter, you're dealing with hotter water that is used in the shower and the heat that comes from not just more blow drying, but also from heating your home and car, ”said Megan Taylor, Stylist at Gloria and Company in Fairhaven, Mass.

What's your fix? Well some of this is inevitable, but try to shower warm (not hot) and limit your time under the blow dryer. You should also use more moisturizing products in your routine – which we will get into a little more later.

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