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For diabetics | Wheat belly | Paleo

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I took these nut bites a while ago and took a few pictures in between. These bites are great for diabetics as they are allowed to eat any type of nut as long as they eat in moderation. Nuts are allowed in high protein, low carbohydrate diets like paleo and wheat belly. Nuts not only make you feel fuller for a long time so you don't get hungry often.

This recipe features dried figs and dates, which are a little sweet to help reduce sugar cravings in diabetics and those trying to lose weight.

The recipe is pretty simple and doesn't take much time. It has some salt in it too, so it isn't entirely sweet. It's more of a combination of salty and sweet. It tastes a bit like peanut butter.

So let's start with a recipe: –

I took two cups of everything and took about 20 to 25 bites. The rest also depends on the size of your bites. Since we make these in lots and send them to friends and family, I'll give you the amount for 10-15 bites here instead.

Ingredients for sugar-free nut bites: –

Almonds 1 cup

PEANUTS 1 cup chopped

Fig. 1 cup chopped

DATA 1 cup chopped


SALT to taste

BLACK pepper to taste (you can skip this if you don't like it)

Honey 2 tbsp.

I don't add sugar as the natural sweetness of figs and dates is good enough. It's all up to you, but then it's not a paleo or something great for diabetics.

Olive oil / butter – or any oil you are comfortable with. If you like coconut oil then go for it.

Step 1 – Take out the required amount of nuts as indicated in the ingredients list. I fried peanuts and almonds in a pan. You can also roast them in the microwave. Frying in the microwave takes about 4-5 minutes.

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Step 2 – Chop dry figs and dates. So we've now roasted almonds, peanuts, figs, dates and walnuts.

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Step 3 – Put all of these things in a grinder and add some olive oil. Since these have no water at all, you need to add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil. I generally grind them in 3-4 lots.

Take out after grinding in a container. Add salt, black pepper, and honey (optional. As mentioned earlier I don't use honey or sugar), then make small round bites out of them.

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Store them in an airtight container and keep them in the refrigerator.

I generally have 1-2 of them before training or when I'm hungry and don't have time, I only have 2-3 of them and a glass of milk in my breakfast. These don't look pretty, but they taste good. Nut lovers will like these, and if you like real sweet bites don't waste time trying them out.

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Stay healthy 🙂

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