The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings

For me, midnight is the hardest time to deal with hunger pangs. I usually sleep late and recently I've been trying to have a light dinner early. The result is that at 11 I feel super hungry, which forces me to hit the simplest and most unhealthy options: chips or maggie. I swear I can spend my whole day eating cleanly, but having a clean dinner and a healthy snack has always been a challenge for me.

After struggling with my eating habits, I found some snacks that were healthy, easy to get, and tasted good. That's why I wanted to share them with you today so that you can choose the best for yourself.


Often thirst is misunderstood as hunger. So before you do much else, devour a glass of water first and wait for a while. If you're still hungry, opt for another healthy option from the list below.

The best midnight snacks for your water cravings


Easiest and most nutritious option for snacking anytime. When you have a fruit, don't think about calories or fat as a fruit has healthy calories that are important to the body so you can even have a banana. I usually fill a box with pomegranate seeds in the morning and have them when I'm hungry.

The best midnight snacks for your food cravings


Always have quark in the refrigerator. It's the healthiest and most stomach-friendly snack. Have a bowl of cottage cheese and you're done. It's filling and tasty. Add some fruit to make it heavier or to add flavor to the curd. Strawberry and kiwi are my favorite companions with quark.

The best midnight snacks for your ravenous curd cheese


Have a glass of warm milk. It's healthy, nutritious, and is known to induce sleep. I find warm milk more filling than cold, and it should also be healthier.

The best midnight snacks for your ravenous milk

Green tea

A large cup of green tea can solve your problem with added benefits of increasing metabolism and antioxidant absorption.

The best midnight snacks for your green tea cravings


Butter-free popcorns are also good choices. If you crave something salty add a little salt, otherwise skip it as salt is what causes gas. So try to reduce your salt intake as much as possible.

The best midnight snacks for your popcorn cravingsChickpeas

Best option for those who do not live at home. I lived in a hostel myself. Staying awake at night during exams was a common trend. To satisfy my cravings for midnight when nothing else was available in the canteen or in the chaos, chickpeas were my best companion. I always had it in my pocket to avoid unhealthy, unnecessary chewing.

The best midnight snacks for your cravings chickpeasnuts

Always keep a jar full of nuts in your bedside drawer. Nuts are full of fiber and keep hunger pangs away for a longer period of time. The craving for fries can be replaced with peanuts

The best midnight snacks for your food cravings


Keep the refrigerator loaded with healthy items like sprouts so that you can prepare it whenever you want. Just chop up some tomatoes, onions, and any other vegetable you like. Mix sprouts, chopped vegetables, lemon juice, salt and pepper; sounds delicious.

The best midnight snacks for your food cravings


Effortless option. Have plates full of cucumbers, tomatoes, and reddish carrots. Try new recipes with olive oil dressings to add interest to salads.

The best midnight snacks for your food cravings

What do you choose for your midnight longing? Share in the comments below.

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