The Hierophant Tarot Card: What It Means For Life, Love & More

Whether pulled upright or in reverse, according to Alexander, the Hierophant can often appear in a reading when the querent is questioning things like traditions, beliefs, religion, ideas, systems, structures, and so forth. Particularly, these may be structures you grew up with and, up until now, had accepted.

So if you asked about a challenge you’re currently going through, or may be approaching, it could have to do with resistance to those structures and how to best forge your own path.

As Alexander explains, “If the person feels uncomfortable with the path they’ve been on, this card can indicate it’s time to delve deeper to discover their core truths and what really matters,” adding, “Perhaps a life change, challenge, or crisis has caused you to question the ideas and lifestyle you’ve relied on and accepted in the past.”

She also notes that the Hierophant can show up to encourage you to reassess what you’ve taken for granted in the past, “and decide if your old ways of thinking and acting are still relevant to where you want to be in the future.”

As such, she says, “Often this involves serious self-examination and balancing your spiritual and material considerations.”

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