The Melatonin-Free Supplement A Night Nurse Takes Between Shifts

I’m a sucker for a good review, and mbg’s sleep support+ had tons of them—everyone was raving about how the product helped them sleep soundly, wake up feeling refreshed, and transition off of melatonin for good.* So, about a month ago, I decided to give them a go. 

The first thing I noticed was how seamlessly I was able to wind down for bed* (which is rare coming off of a 12-hour shift in the critical care unit). Once my mind and my body were calm, it became easy for me to drift into sleep—and actually stay asleep.*

Typically, the bright lights and noise of the New York City streets would wake me up, but I found myself sleeping through all of it.* Best of all: I woke up feeling truly rested and rejuvenated—ready for my next shift.* 

As a nurse (and an introvert, as mentioned above), it’s important for me to get at least eight hours of sleep to provide the best possible care for both myself and my patients. When taking sleep support+, I trust that I’ll always get quality rest, no matter the time of day.*

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