These Are The Best Sex Positions For EVERY Mood You’re In

Give yourself a sex upgrade by using our encyclopedia of best sex positions to match your bedroom moves to your mood…

Best Sex Positions When…

You Feel Lazy

Scoop Me Up

Why: It’s easy for both of you and allows for lots of skin-on-skin contact, increasing stimulation.
How: Lie on your sides, facing the same direction. Bring your knees up slightly as he enters you from behind.

You Feel Romantic

Cowgirl’s High

Why: This puts less stress on your legs, so climaxing is easier and you can focus on caressing his manly chest.
How: Kneel on top of him, pushing off his chest and sliding up and down his thighs as he grips your hips.

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You Feel Adventurous

The Caboose

Why: Because you can’t see your partner, fantasising is easier, which can add to the excitement.
How: He sits as you back into his lap for a seated spoon. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles to grip him. Hold on!

He Feels Romantic


Why: Similar to the cowgirl’s high (above) but with him on top, so this time he can stare into your eyes.
How: He enters through the tight opening of your semi-shut legs, adding intensity to the penetration.
The Croissant

Why: You both feel really connected looking at each other. Plus, it’s a flattering angle for your breasts.
How: Sit facing, legs entwined and lean back. Have him enter you and grind your clitoris against his pelvis for added thrills.

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The Seashell

Why: This is only for the bendy, but it feels amazing and lets him get close for eye-to-eye contact.
How: Lie back with your legs raised up (if you can, cross your ankles behind your head). He enters missionary style.

He Feels Adventurous


Why: You get G-spot stimulation – and a nice, easy ride as you lie with your butt on pillows and legs on his shoulders.
How: He lifts your butt to penetrate you, then rocks you side to side or up and down to hit your G-spot.
g-whiz sex position

Pretzel Dip

Why: For the deeper penetration of doggy while still being able to maintain eye contact. Delicious.
How: Lie on your right side. He kneels, straddling your right leg and curling the left around his left side.

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The Big Dog

Why: Intensely arousing version of doggy-style that lets him stroke your clitoris for added stimulation.
How: With both of you standing (try wearing heels), you bend over; he enters you from behind.

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