These Lemony Roast Potatoes Are The Perfect Pickled Fish Pairing

These Lemony Roast Potatoes Are The Perfect Easter Food Pairing

Kind of like an Easter egg, but savoury.

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14 April 2022


Image supplied by Chantal Lascaris

If there’s one dish indisputably associated with Easter, it’s pickled fish alongside hot cross buns. Other foods are up to the cook’s discretion, but with cooling temperatures comes a longing for comforting bakes and warm carbohydrates.

Allow us to introduce you to lemony roast potatoes, courtesy of home cook extraordinaire, cookbook author and entertaining expert, Chantal Lascaris.

This year, Chantal’s own Easter menu comprises traditional Greek Kleftiko (Roast Lamb), yummy Greek-Style Lemon Potatoes, and Briam (Mixed Roast Vegetables). These pay homage to her husband’s half-Greek heritage. “A big bonus for this menu,” says Chantal, “is that each dish can be prepped beforehand, with the minimum amount of effort, so I can spend more time at the table with family and friends!”

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These lemony roast potatoes not only make the perfect Easter food table topper, but the leftovers also go a long way to bulk up salads, braais or can even be eaten straight out of the dish as a snack.

Chantal Lascaris lemony roast potatoes

Chantal’s Recipe for Yummy Greek-Style Lemony Roast Potatoes


4 – 5 unpeeled potatoes

olive oil

coarse salt

pepper to taste

2 lemons

2 sprigs of fresh rosemary

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  1. Boil the potatoes in their jackets until just cooked.
  2. Drain and leave them until just cool enough to handle.
  3. Cut the potatoes into wedges and rub olive oil all over them.
  4. Arrange on a baking tray, season liberally with salt and pepper, squeeze the juice of one lemon over the wedges and scatter the rosemary sprigs over them.
  5. Place under the grill until they start to brown.
  6. Remove, turn and place under the grill again.
  7. Once done, squeeze the juice of the second lemon over the potato wedges and serve immediately.


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