Top reasons to follow Intermittent fasting for healthy weight loss

Top Reasons for Healthy Weight Loss to Follow Intermittent Fasting

The more time our system spends digesting food, the less time it has to remove toxins. We can get the time it takes to repair toxic things by adopting intermittent fasting as a way of life. Photo by The Fry Family Food Co. on Unsplash

After trying to improve my eating habits, I realized the importance of intermittent fasting. When my mom found out about my new diet, she was quite upset because she thought we had to eat five to six small meals a day. Eating every 2-3 hours is important to staying healthy and keeping your metabolism going was her argument, but this time I was ready to explain my top reasons Intermittent fasting for healthy weight loss. So if you are also confused about eating every two hours or doing intermittent fasting, please read on for clarity.

  1. Toxins

When we eat every two to three hours, our bodies indulge in foods that overload it with toxins. Today, most of the foods we eat are processed, packaged, and mostly genetically modified. Our fresh greens are heavily fortified with insecticides, additives, artificial colors and flavors. Just think of the weird tasting spinach and the added red melons. There have been incidents where we found out that vendors were adding red Sugar syrups with syringes, watermelons turn red and sweet, mangoes, apples and guavas no longer ripen on trees, and who can ignore the genetically modified giant squashes and pumpkins that we regularly buy at the farmers' market? All of these foods have a very negative effect on our digestion and, in one way or another, damage the kidneys.

The fact is that we all only want to eat organic vegetables and groceries, but how many of us can afford the same? You can read all about it Organic food is a lucrative trend here …

If we are doomed to only eat the foods available in the market, it makes no more sense to control the amount and schedule the best and least harmful ones to be consumed within a short eating window! Think about it, because intermittent fasting can help you save calories with healthier food options.

2. Less time in the kitchen

Impressive! This is very important to me because I DO NOT like to spend too much time in the kitchen cooking fancy dishes that are laden with oils, spices and sugar. I work from home with strict deadlines and cannot afford to spend a lot of time preparing and cooking five to six meals a day. I believe that we need food to survive so we don't have to waste time cooking fancy meals. I can't imagine going to the kitchen every two hours to fix everything small meals. Instead, I would like to relax and have my meals within a four to six hour eating window while I am at it intermittent fasting. Well, that's my personal view, but if you are the one for whom eating is a matter of life and death, then you can get the most out of your life.

3. More time to digest and detoxify

Before, when I followed meal plans every three hours, I realized that I was spending more time tidying up the kitchen shelves than preparing and eating the food. The state of my digestion was similar. Before I could digest my one meal, it was time for another just to keep mine metabolism in order. It was so frustrating and made me understand the stupidity I was doing. I stopped feeling healthy and light with the thought of getting so many toxins in my system floating over my head. So I finally decided to go for a lower intake of inevitable toxins with a longer time to digest the food and give my system time to detoxify.

Makes sense right?

When we eat after a short time Intervals, there are more chances of gaining weight, developing chronic diseases that lead to premature aging and premature death from obesity. Since we eat many small meals every day, our organs, tissues, cells and entire system have to strain to digest the food we eat, but there is no time to remove toxins from the first meal before the second meal has arrived . OMG! what torture. It is well known that our bodies use a lot of energy to digest and eliminate waste products from the food we eat. The more time our system spends digesting food, the less time it has to remove toxins. We can get the time it takes to repair toxic things by adopting intermittent fasting as a way of life. Remember, a clean body with no residual toxins is the only way to maintain healthy and long life.

So what do you say Let me remind readers that this blog contains all of my personal views on everything I experience while trying to live a healthy life. You can read about my life experiences and ask me for help if you need any by checking this out link here …

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