Wanderlust Want to Vend or Volunteer at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn?

To all foodies, crafties and seva superstars, we are accepting applications to become part of the magic of Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn!

Join the wonderful hiking volunteer crew

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Curious what happens behind the scenes at our events? Apply to volunteer at Wanderlust! Wanderlust is a voluntary event and needs your help. Our volunteer teams gain insight into how our events work and are an integral part of making Wanderlust a transformative experience for all of our participants.

This year our Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn event is the only volunteering opportunity, so grab a seat to be part of the team that makes it possible.

Providers make the #bestdayever Complete


Wanderlust is looking for high-quality artisans of all kinds, with a special focus on sustainably and ethically manufactured products from all over the world. The Kula Market will host artisans, jewelry makers, designers, and health and wellness professionals who share their unique products and services with the Wanderlust community.

We are looking for high-quality craftsmen with specialties such as:

  • Yoga accessories
  • Handcrafted jewelry
  • Unique clothing
  • Bath and beauty products in small batches

We also include highly curated import businesses and nonprofits. Most of our guests are adult women (although we have more and more men), highly educated and passionate about health, wellness and a conscious life. You can find more information about the vending machines in the Kula market in our Guide for providers.


Wanderlust loves (and needs) great grocery vendors, especially those who specialize in the locally grown organic foods our guests crave. Kale salads, Buddha bowls, grass-fed burgers and wood-fired pizzas populate the cooperative's menus with a special focus on gluten-free, raw and seasonal foods.

New for 2021, we include meal tickets for both breakfast and lunch with our premium tickets at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn. This not only guarantees our suppliers customers, but we can also ask them in advance of the event in order to measure the interest in your special food. The booths are only $ 200 ($ 400 upfront but $ 200 refundable at the event if you sell). If you are making healthy, unique, and incredibly delicious food, apply now.

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