Wanderlust What is Mindfulness 3.0?

We see mindfulness almost everywhere these days. In our modern world, many are looking for things that enable us to be a little more sensible, more honest, whole and certainly a little more Good. Mindfulness brings these benefits and many other benefits. Your favorite celebrity is mindful, your neighbor around the corner is mindful. Your doctor has recommended mindfulness. So what exactly is mindfulness? What could mindfulness have for you? And if you are interested in a mindfulness journey, where are you going, who are you talking to and what do you need to know?

At MNDFL we share Mindfulness 3.0 with the world. The secret of mindfulness is that it doesn't have to be fancy, complicated, or specialized. You don't have to sit on a pillow, withdraw, or even be in a quiet room. You don't have to feel peaceful or spiritual. Mindfulness can pop up in the middle of your life: with coworkers next door, kids running through the house, allies marching next to you to protest.

Mindfulness 3.0 invites you to put aside any ideas as to why mindfulness is not meant for you. And if it sounds like we are saying that mindfulness is for everyone, we actually are. Mindfulness can be shared in schools, corporate offices, nonprofits, government agencies, on the field, and in therapy sessions. It can be offered in large groups, individually or in small, intimate settings. It can hit you – and you can hit it – wherever you are.

Mindfulness is nothing more and nothing less than simply returning to yourself again and again: to your own body, to your own being, to your own truth. Even if certain techniques, paths or traditions are not right for you, there is always a way to come back, to rest, to linger, to find joy in your own body, in your own truth, again and again.

Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams, an MNDFL partner, says, “Mindfulness is nothing special, but it is also profound. Which way you go with it is entirely up to you. There is no – really – right or wrong way for you to find your way to mindfulness. It's about what makes mindfulness work for you. At the end of the day, that matters. Allow yourself to be open and consider Where is the entry point for YOU in mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of being with ourselves and with one another in the world. This is what we were born for and we are meant to share with one another. Person to person. Heart to heart. Join us on a journey to practice and spread Mindfulness 3.0 and find out for yourself.


MNDFL is a global community of seasoned teachers and committed practitioners dedicated to spreading the good. Since its inception, MNDFL has been at the forefront of the modern mindfulness Movement, offers meditation experiences and relevant mindfulness content for the modern person.

MNDFL training is expertly and carefully designed by Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams and David Perrin.

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