Weekend Fitness:How to workout on Sunday

Weekend Fitness:How to workout on Sunday

Hola beautiful people,

How do you ideally picture your Sunday like? For some, it’s a day where they never would wish to see the morning sun and would love to die deep under the pile of sheets and blankets. For some others, it is a day to pay tribute to the lovely movies that released in the past week. Some love to cook, some read, some take their kids for rejuvenation and some rediscover their homes that got lost under the heap of many things during the hectic weekdays. Here we are talking about Weekend Fitness:How to workout on Sunday. Read on.

Does anyone of you think of going to the gym?

“Ah. . My family needs me more than the gym”

“I just don’t think my legs would agree to walk up to the gym”

“I already had a hectic week; don’t think I’d worsen it up by going to the gym”

That is what I’ve been hearing as an answer to this humble question.

Well, if you ask me I spent almost half of my last Sunday at the gym. Hey, wait.. I am not trying to brag here and not that carrying dumbbells for six hours is bravery either. In fact, it was the most relaxing and rejuvenating Sunday I have ever had in the past century. Here is what I did:

  • Slept fairly well on time on the Saturday night. (I know you are not going to sleep early on a Saturday night, so I am not asking you to do that at the first place 😛 )
  • Went for my cardio-weight training-stretching session at 8:30 A.M. on Sunday which extended till 10. I ate overnight soaked almonds before that.
  • Had some more nuts after workout. Though that is not enough generally but I don’t eat anything except nuts and water before bathing so I had no other option to refuel myself.
  • Then came the interesting part- steam bath. Sunday mornings never see a crowd in the steam area so I am the smart person to grab the opportunity of having steam bath in the chamber alone. I can never ever share the area with any other person at my timings; hence Sunday mornings. I had a quick bath after that and was done with both in around 35 minutes.

You have to believe me when I say I was amazingly relaxed and I could literally hear soft whispers of “Thank you” from each of my body parts. 😛

  • Then I came for breakfast, 2 brown bread sandwiches of onion, tomato and cucumber filling made by cutting them into small pieces. Followed by small bowl of raw cheese and strawberry pieces around 45 minutes later.
  • Again I headed for my head spa session at the salon section of the gym. This quick up and down is possible because the gym from my place is hardly a kilometer. If it had been far, I would have carried the breakfast in a box with myself. The massage was extremely relaxing and I could not think of anything else than repeating the same ritual next weekend too.

I came back, had lunch, finished my pending stuff and out I was on the streets for the Sunday evening.

Now, I know my life is not similar to yours, you might have responsibilities that are nowhere comparable to mine but you know- nobody will gift you a piece of time and say “Ja jee le apni zindagi”; you have to make that for your own selves. All the above is not pampering.. Ok I can rephrase that.. All the above is not JUST pampering but it is important for your bodies to function well. If you want to be one of those women who have an inspiring body above 40s and 50s, you got to take care of yourselves by your own. Not just the appearance of it, but a strong body with no weaknesses, pains or drooping down posture.

Believe me, no matter how much your man or children or family loves you, no one will ever be taking care of you forever if your body gives up. It might sound harsh but that’s how we human beings are, even you wouldn’t like to serve someone forever without fretting. I know family demands so much from you on a Sunday; you are a very humble and sacrificing lady but my dear, love your own self first.

 Weekend Fitness:How to workout on Sunday

Get up, get going and remember: Take whatever it may; you are going to make your bodies stronger and fitter. You will not be dependent on anyone else than your own strong shoulders. You are going to take out (or snatch) time for yourselves from the daily time table and you are going to work towards getting fitter.

Bring your arms forward and give me a high five ladies!

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