What To Know About Opal + Its Meaning

Since opal comes in so many different varieties and colors, its meaning and symbolism can also vary. But according to Yulia Van Doren, opal is an invitation to dig deeper. “This mysterious stone hides endless shimmering rainbows within its milky-white depths,” helping us to remember to look beyond the surface, she previously explained to mbg. “Look deeper, look closer: at people, places, ideas, and within yourself.”

In terms of how this stone relates to October, Van Doren also explains opal makes a great companion crystal for Libras and Scorpios born in October. “Opal helps balance Libra’s natural inclination toward order and aesthetic beauty so that they don’t get stuck in surface-level superficiality,” she explains. And for Scorpios, she adds, opal’s multifaceted energy complements their multilayered personality.

Whether you’re wearing it as jewelry, have some in your purse, or keep a piece on your altar, opal in any color can help amplify any intention you’re working with. It’s also great for chakra work, as it comes in so many different colors, so you could use a different piece of opal for each chakra. The heart chakra, for example, would be well served by pink or green opal, while white opal would be great for the crown chakra.

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