Why am I not getting results from my workouts?

Why am I not getting results from my workouts?

No, I am not the one asking this question but probably many of you are. I am the one answering it through this post. So hey, how many days or months have you been working out for? How much have you reduced in comparison to that? Not calculated yet? Or calculated and felt disappointing on the same?

why no results despite workout

I have been through all the phases one could probably get into while trying to reduce or getting healthier. So from my experience if you are facing such issues, you are definitely going wrong at some point. (ah me? wrong? Really? I know girls are right 99.99% of the times but c’mon face it) Let us discuss some of the highly possible reasons that may be drawing you back from your goal.

Do you fuel your body after your workout?

Why am I not getting results from my workouts

You must have heard many a times about the high protein low carb post workout meals but how much do you practice that in reality? If you are among the ones who think no calories is better than low calories then it is one of those 0.01% times when you are wrong.

Eating something and replenishing your body is very very important to help prepare your muscles for the next session and for the daily chores you are expected to complete in the day. No calorie theory will only convert you into a drooping sac of sugar for the rest of the day (I am talking out of experience). For how many days can you drag yourselves like that? Not many!

So, lesson no 1: post workout meal is mandatory.

Do you fuel your body with just about anything that comes your way?

Why am I not getting results from my exercise

Now there are some smart people right now who read the above point and uttered “ Eh.. I know that ya.. That’s why I always tell people to eat something heavy after workout.” Hey, if you are taking my above typed sentence “Eat something…” as it is and eating just something that’s kept in your fridge, you got to stop.

Just because you ran for an hour or did a heavy workout and collected 1 cup of sweat, it does not give you the license of eating a pie or cup cake. You have got to ignore if your neighbours or relative aunty says “ Gajar ka halwa kha le, tu to gym karti hai sab digest ho jayega..” No buddy.. Sab digest to ho jayega but then you’ll eventually nullify your hard work of running that long or may even add up more.

Pick healthy options if you want your 1 hour long workout to show up on your body.

Lesson no, 2: do not just fuel your body; fuel it the right way.

Do you have sports/electrolyte drinks quite often?


Why am I not getting results from my workout

Celebrity endorsed products are not meant to be used by you just because you are impressed with the celebrity’s body. You do not actually need a sports drink unless you are doing an immensely heavy or long workout. Most of these drinks contain as much calories as a slice of cake or in simple words more than you burn at a 1 hour gym session. Don’t have them just to get the healthy celebrity kind of feel; it is cutting down the effectiveness of your workout instead. Thankfully I have not done this blunder but I have seen my crazy friends doing it. Have plain water or coconut water instead.

Lesson no 3: Dikhaave pe mat jaao, apni akal lagao. Have things that your body actually demands of and that too in the most natural way possible.

Do you give 10 minutes to warm up and stretching?

Why am I not getting results from workout

“I generally do not have time you know.. I just quickly finish off my cardio and weight sets and get going from the gym”.

My dear, then you may as well buy yourself a hot water bottle and a cap with “Sick” label because you are eventually going to place yourself in the resting couch a few days later.  If you do not warm up or stretch post workout, you do not let your body to adapt to and heal from the exercises. This will lead to sore muscles and body aches and if you still drag your body with this for some days, you will eventually have to take off from both your work and workout and that obviously means lesser no. of effective workout sessions.

Lesson no. 4: Love your body, give it time to adapt and heal and not just finish the routine for the sake of it.

I have a lot more to add but obviously you cannot read the whole essay at once. I will be coming up with the second part of “Why am I not getting results from my workouts” soon.

Take care everyone.. and do not forget to leave a comment- that’s my fuel for writing more.. 😛

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