Your Guide To The Perfect Holiday Cheese Board & Why It Needs Plant Milk Cheese

From their sophisticated taste to their traditional craft, Miyoko’s Artisan Cheese Wheels will give your holiday menu some plant-based flair. (And if not on a cheese board, then folded into a delicious pasta sauce, or crumbled over a fresh salad!) But they’re also a cheesy option that’s more planet-friendly. We seldom discuss it, but animal milk cheese actually has the third-highest greenhouse gas emissions, behind lamb and beef. 

On the other hand, Miyoko Schinner (Founder of Miyoko’s) has long been on a mission to create an animal-free dairy food system that exists in alliance with our greater planet. In fact, Miyoko’s products result in up to 98% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional animal dairy products. That means we can keep our love for cheese going strong through the holiday, while feeling better about our impact on the planet. Few things hit like a glass of wine and well-paired cheese, and thanks to Miyoko’s, none of that has to change.

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