Zigzag diet an easy approach for successful weight loss

Photo by Anton Ahlberg on Unsplash

Zigzag diet an easy approach for successful weight loss

There are various new diets coming up almost every month in order to assist people lose weight.  Today we are going to talk about the Zigzag diet which is considered an easy approach for successful weight loss. Zigzag calorie cycling is a way of eating by counting and restricting calories. Theoretically it is an effective way to lose weight, but over a long period of time, if it is successful or not, we will discuss here.

Zigzag diet an easy approach for successful weight lossIs Zigzag diet an easy approach for successful weight loss? Photo by Anton Ahlberg on Unsplash

Generally when a weight loss diet is suggested, it is based on a 1200 calories plan and continuing with that for longer duration the result is weight loss plateau. When it happens weight loss stops suddenly making it very demotivating for the dieter. This is the time when calorie cycling helps in breaking the plateau. Calorie cycling is called Zigzag diet in simple words. It doesn’t allow the body to get used to a particular calorie intake as shifting from low calorie to high calorie is the key to lose weight here.

How to follow Zigzag diet for weight loss?

Zigzag diet involves alternating calories intake to cause weight loss easily.  If you are on zigzag diet you need to distribute days of week in a combination of high-calorie and low-calorie days. By the end of the week you need to be reaching your overall weekly calorie target for weight loss.

For this diet to be a success, you need to fix a calorie intake target first. To elaborate, let us imagine that your weekly calorie target is 14,000 calories. Now you need to plan days when you can have 1775 calories for four days and 2,300 calories other three days that week.

If you consume 2000 calories every day, you might reach weight loss plateau despite consuming the same number of calories. The break in the caloric pattern stops body to get adapted to a fixed intake. Talking about shift in calories, yes, it provides flexibility in daily diet and makes place for special meals and treats.

Consuming low and high calories on different days can allow people to enjoy celebrations and occasions where they may like to eat more than regular daily limited calories. Thus enjoying a party today can be compensated by consuming low calories on other days. That one day can be considered a cheat day.

Best part is that you don’t have to follow any rule to alternate calorie intake so it depends on your personal choice. One thing to take care of is that the difference between high and low-calorie days should be around 200-300 calories.

Zigzag diet schedules

There are two schedules for this Zigzag diet.

  1. Two higher calorie and five lower calorie days each week.
  2. Increasing and reducing calories to spread out the total number all through the week.

Weight loss and control is something that brings rewards with hit and trial strategy. Whatever way you go for, important is the final desired result. If you see carefully Zigzag diet is also a variant of calorie counting strategy. Weight loss is all about fixing your eating habits according to your lifestyle. Any strategy will bring results if it is a sustainable one.

Do you know how many calories you need to lose weight?

Most of us wish to lose weight, and the easiest way to do this is by consuming fewer calories daily. Our body needs a particular number of calories in order to stay healthy which depends on various factors. These are person’s age, weight, height, gender, physical activity level, and ailments etc. Despite of all the differences, any adult male will require approximately 2000-3000 calories per day for weight maintenance while adult female will need around 1600-2400 calories each day.

According to health Health Publications women should get no less than 1200 calories and men 1500 calories each day.

Important to note is that all types of foods, even the healthy ones must be consumed in moderation. While you plan your Zigzag diet you must remember that each calorie is different and all calories are not the same. Fruits can be low in calories but high on sugar and in the same way, labels can be misleading too. It is important to be careful about the different ingredients in food products if you wish to try any particular food in your diet.

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