12 Signs You’re Dating An Immature Person, From A Psychologist

Maturity disparities often arise when it comes to basic life and relationship issues such as finances, employment, daily chores, and communication.

When it comes to finances—whether setting a budget, creating a savings account, or spending appropriately—an immature partner will often have difficulty navigating monetary issues in responsible ways. An immature person may also have difficulty in the career world; this can manifest through constant job losses, a lack of commitment in the workplace, or a refusal to work at all.

On the home front, the more mature partner may be left with doing far more work than the immature partner; from leaving dishes undone to refusing to clean the bathroom, the immature partner will often avoid sharing equally in mundane (but necessary) tasks.

Chronic fighting, gaslighting, manipulation, and stonewalling are all signs of immaturity, so a more mature partner will notice that positive communication efforts are stymied by the immature partner. It’s also important to pay note that a controlling partner may initially present as being more mature, but being controlling is actually a sign of psychological immaturity. Truly mature partners will know and honor their needs while also making appropriate space for their partner’s needs and desires.

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