5 Ways To Connect With Your Sensuality, From Ev’Yan Whitney

We live in a world that does not encourage us to be connected to ourselves. We are constantly on the move, rushing, scrolling, doing. It's difficult to be in our body when we're moving so fast, and as we go through our day we often forget that we even have a body. Trauma is also another important factor that disconnects us not only from ourselves but from others as well.

When we are apart from ourselves, we tend to forget about basic things like breathing, resting, drinking water. We feel cut off from ourselves and the world around us. We also tend to break away from our emotions. But beyond that, this separation hinders our ability to experience the pleasure and vivacity that are our birthright.

By reclaiming our sensual selves, we make it a habit to get back into harmony with ourselves. We choose to create spaces in our life where we can be slowly, gently, responsive and still with ourselves. We choose to consider our emotions, needs, and pleasures as important. I would also add that prioritizing our sensual selves is an act of resistance in a world that is constantly trying to distance us from our power. Cultivating our sensuality and making it a regular practice in our life is truly an act of liberation.

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