6 Spiritual Rituals To Try During The 2021 Autumn Equinox

The fall equinox is a time when day and night are in the same equilibrium – although in the southern hemisphere it is a shift to spring rather than autumn. In any case, we are entering a new season today and are encouraged to pause, celebrate, and take stock of our lives.

Many cultures greet the autumn equinox with ceremonies that show gratitude for the harvest. The Zoroastrian harvest festival of Mehregan thanks the Creator God of the sun. Parts of Japan have a six-day equinox festival to repent for past transgressions and to pray for wisdom and guidance. In China, the occasion can be celebrated with moon cakes and family get-togethers. And in holy places around the world, thousands of people continue to gather to honor the blessings of the time and to watch the sunrise on this special day.

No matter where you are in the world, here are six rituals to help you welcome this new season and all the possibilities it brings:

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