Energy Reading For February 1

This energy is still about possibilities but with a twist from last week. Rather than being in the mental realm of how we perceive things, it is in the heart centered realm of how we make meaning of our lives. We are invited this week to feel how we want to show ourselves to the world, connected to our true selves.

How do we want to give? Where do we want to give? Are our careers, relationships, family, and self-talk aligned with what brings us meaning and connection? If you've been feeling asleep or stuck on matters of the heart, expect some breakthroughs this week.

These will look different for everyone. As an experiment, I felt how they looked to me compared to other people in my life. For one friend, it seemed like he was showing off his inner child and infusing himself with an abundance of self-love. Second, it looked like they were finally going to put a project into action that they'd been putting off for a while. And to me it looked like a sense of how I could expand my work in the world to serve even more people.

Whatever it is for you, this energy is not simply a heart chakra activation. It is an extension of your purpose in life.

Transformation rarely happens all at once. It stems from tiny steps we take on our journey, with victories and what can feel like setbacks. But they all actually lead to your greater purpose. Use this week to take small, heart-centered steps toward your goals. Notice what enlightens you and make it a priority to do those things more often.

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