How Community Organizer Indy Officinalis Cares For Herself

The past year has made it clear to many how important community health is to our individual wellbeing. When we all work together, we can improve our physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. But it's not always an easy process – and it often takes community leaders to lay the groundwork. One such community organizer is Indy Officinalis, an urban farmer, collector, poet, and extraordinary activist.

Originally from a small town in North Carolina, Officinalis now lives in Los Angeles, where she manages a rooftop garden on Skid Row, an area in downtown L.A. with many uninhabited residents. Not only does she get involved in the daily, hands-on part of community building – she can provide inspiration, advice, and insight for broader activities through her robust channels. (She has close to 100,000 followers on her Instagram to date.) Officinalis is now partnering with all-natural and clean skincare brand Origins, hoping the partnership can expand their message that everyone deserves to be able to take care of themselves – and take care of themselves to feel.

"We are very excited to have Indy join our Origins family," said Ada Lien, senior vice president and general manager of the brand. “Indy's respect and enthusiasm for our planet harmonize perfectly with our guiding principles at Origins. We look forward to working together to develop meaningful programs and content that support our shared love for high-performing active natural skin care, the power of mushrooms and caring for our planet. "

In these Q&A, we asked her how she supports her own well-being – because, as we know, caring for others also requires a generous amount of self-care.

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