How To Deal With Dizziness and Blackout After Workout

How To Deal With Dizziness and Blackout After Workout

Recently we had been seeing so many mishaps taking place during the gym exercise time and after that also. So we thought of talking about how you can avoid any such things happening to you and your near and dear ones. Read on for an informative chat….

Yesterday I and Mr. Fit were busy yapping ! Yeah, sometimes I do allow the other person to speak as well 😉 . Most of the people who know me , know how big a chatterbox I am 😛

It so happened that Mr. Fit complained of Blackout post his workout.He might have looked something like this 😛

Now, he has written an article on over training, I think he need to read his own article :D.  Here it is.

How To Deal With Dizziness and Blackout After Workout

The reason for dizziness and blackout after workout is mostly the drop in sugar level. This is exactly how you feel when you starve for a long time.

When you exercise, your body uses the sugar which is stored in blood, liver and muscles. The sugar stored in the muscles and liver is knows as Glycogen. When you begin to workout, sugar in the blood or muscles is used as fuel. After 15-20 minutes of workout, sugar in the liver is fetched. This simple means that after half an hour of workout, your stored sugar and Glycogen gets exhausted and you start burning fat.

Some of the post workout conditions can be Dizziness, Blackout, Hunger, Weakness, Shakiness, Fatigue and Headache. Out of them all, I face Headaches the most when I either over train or mess with my post workout meal.

In order to deal with all these issues after workout, the thumb rule is to never ever forget Post workout meals. Read about them here.

Let me tell you how to pep up your blood sugar level when you are drained out. The Best way that will never let you down is to have a portion of simple carbs after workout. Read about simple carbs here.

How to take Post Workout Meals

Whenever you feel uneasy after workout, have one of the below foods –

  • A cup of milk

  • Yoghurt

  • Fruit – apple or banana or any fruit you like

  • Raisins

  • Honey

  • Peanut butter sandwich

  • Dates

  • Chocolate ? Ummm ,you can have a piece of Dark Chocolate but not certainly more !

Now the catch here is how will you carry all these if you are working out in the Gym ?  The smart way is to always carry raisins with you. Small packet or a chotu dabba won’t hurt your bag. Are you reading Mr. Fit 😛  ?

After you feel better, have your protein shake in case of weight training. The day you train harder, increase your protein shake intake.

In case of no nonsense after workout, you can directly have protein shake. Some of the best available proteins shakes have been reviewed here and here. More coming on Protein , stay tuned !

Happy day 🙂 ! Enjoy

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