HAN Multistick Blush Review From A Beauty Editor: My Ride Or Die

As the NYC temperatures finally begin dipping below 90 degrees Fahrenheit, I’m starting to compile my fall color palette (call me optimistic but I can practically smell the pumpkin spice). With blush, that means sun-kissed coral hues make way for a cool-toned berry flush. A rosy mauve falls squarely in the middle of the two camps, making it a perfect pick as we transition between seasons. Yes, your most natural blush color mainly has to do with your skin’s undertones, but at the end of the day, makeup has no rules—you can wear whatever blush color you please, and I like to switch mine up with the weather or even my mood. 

And like all of HAN’s makeup offerings, this clean formula comes loaded with skin-loving ingredients. It boasts a blend of nourishing oils and butters (the marker of a stellar cream blush) including shea butter, argan oil, açai oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and cupuacu butter. Altogether, they create an effortless glide, and the workable formula essentially melts into your skin. Plus, it features antioxidant-rich botanicals—green tea extract, seaweed extract, and vitamin E—that help simultaneously nourish and protect your skin from environmental aggressors (the brand is called HAN Skincare Cosmetics for a reason!). 

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