How To Start Workout In Gym

Many of our dear readers have asked questions too How to start exercising in the gym. Now a person who has never been to the gym is having a hard time getting started. Once you start, you'll love working out in the gym.

There are certain requirements to exercise in the gym –

  • Buy athletic shoes that fit well. If you plan to do cardio, please put on running shoes! Please avoid wearing ballerinas or flat slippers.
  • Wear suitable training clothing. Sweat-absorbing fabrics are always your best buddy! Please wear cotton t-shirts if you do not have proper fitness t-shirts. Girls, please wear supportive sports bras.
  • Get yourself a water bottle or sipper to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Use knee or elbow pads or gloves if necessary.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry and please do not wear make-up
  • Wear a towel and also a deodorant in the gym 😛

How to start exercising in the gym

  • Please do your BMI and body measurements on the first day in the gym.
  • The world doesn't end today! Please don't train hard. If you don't exercise regularly, or have never done so before, your muscles are not used to such levels of activity. Exercise lightly for the first time, preferably cardio.
  • Ask a trainer for help if you don't know how to use a machine. There is nothing to be ashamed or ashamed of! A newcomer always gets a lot of attention 😉
  • If you are about to get tired, please don't push yourself too hard. Don't be discouraged. It is expected to happen on the first day.
  • Increase the intensity or time of a particular exercise a little each day. You will find that you can do a little more every time!
  • After the first week, ask your trainer to give you a training card. Follow him religiously.
  • If there are no trainers around, seek help from those around you. In general, the gym people are friendly
  • If you feel dizzy, please stop and drink water. When you recover, go back to your regime, otherwise call it a day!
  • Please stretch before and after training.
  • Set realistic goals. I can no longer emphasize the importance of it. Read it here.

Do you have any other tips to get you started in the gym? Share with us!

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