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Ice cream is a dessert that many people love and enjoy. This cold and sweet milky treat is an ideal addition to any meal, and since it's fairly easy to prepare, we often experiment and make ice cream at home.

With homemade foods, however, the question arises of how to properly store them to avoid melting and spoiling Elisa Chan The nutritionist gave us these tips.

We will clarify this below.

How to keep ice cream longer

To tell the truth, both homemade and commercially made ice cream must be stored the same way: frozen in a frosting camera.

However, this delicious dessert can spoil For this reason we have to take into account some additional factors that can affect the service life and thus the quality of this rubber:

1. Air must be kept away

When we keep this dessert at home, we need to make sure that the tank is hermetic. Most plastic containers become brittle when exposed to frost. Therefore, opt for the container that is specially designed for storage in freezers.

Lids hermetic plastic tanks are the ideal option if they are frost-resistant. We also recommend covering the dessert with plastic wrap to prevent this hard ice crust from forming.

Ice crystals will most likely destroy the texture of the ice cream, and you don't want that.

2. Flavors must not be mixed

Ice flavors must not be mixed

Photo by Hans from Pixabay

We used to think that the frosting camera was completely isolated from the rest of the refrigerator, but it's not. In fact, strong smells from the spicy foods can easily stand up and sneak into the freezer!

If you have ice in there there is a high risk it will smell. Either transfer it to the freezer if you have one, or put an open box of baking soda in both the frosting camera and the fridge.

This powder absorbs the smells and protects your creamy treat from the smell of garlic.

3. Check the temperature

Ice cream won't melt or spoil when stored in the right conditions. This means that the temperature in the frosting camera must be stable. The ideal option is when the dessert is stored below zero, say -10 F.

To make sure the conditions are correct, attach the special thermometer to the frosting camera for regular checking.

4. Keep it consistent

If Ice freezes and melts repeatedly, an unpleasant grainy texture will develop that will ruin the dessert. To escape this scenario, always store this delicious frozen one! And make sure you don't make the following mistakes:

  • Don't leave it in the freezer door as anything kept there will experience the most temperature changes each time the door is opened.
  • Place the ice cream in the far corner of the icing camera. The cold is most stable there.
  • Don't leave the frosting camera door open for long. When you need to take something out, first decide what exactly you need and then reach for the food. Better than standing in front of the open frosting camera and staring into it while the heat seeps in and melts the contents.
  • Never leave warm objects in the frosting camera, as these will unbalance the temperature there.

Thanks to these tips, it is possible to protect the dessert from perishable factors.

How long does ice cream last?

Ice cream

Photo by Michelle Tsang from Unsplash

This milky dessert is quite long-lasting: if properly stored, it can easily remain edible for two or even three months after the date marked on the tank!

Such a long service life is of course only possible if the food is stored under ideal conditions.

Ice cream is a pretty tricky thing and does not respond optimally to the smallest temperature fluctuations. It is therefore crucial that it stays properly chilled.

When this is achieved, you can be sure that the sweet treat will last the longest.

These simple tricks will help you keep any ice cream in your frosting camera the longest and preserve its taste and aroma.

This dessert can be quite long-lasting if we try our best when we have it in stock. So it is definitely worth following such rules!

About the author:

Elisa Chan is a passionate cook because of her education, she enjoys preparing healthy and delicious dishes. She is happy to share with us her correct freezing and storage tips to keep all the nutrients in place. We are currently working on an easy-to-implement guide to food storage.

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