Low Carbs Green Chips Recipe

Low Carbs Green Chips Recipe (Repost)

Low Carbs Green Chips Recipe Weight Loss (1)

PS- This recipe was first published in 2014 when I was really sincerely following a low-carb diet and just when I was trying to remove a few old redundant posts I found this one. I remember this was an amazingly simple and easy thing to cook in your humble microwave.

Low Carb Green Chips Recipe

I have read about kale chips on low carb forums many times and while looking for kale all over India here, I have failed. But then I once again proved to myself that I am very good at managing things my way and taking turns. So here's what I was doing as my nibble snack while watching my favorite series "The Walking Dead" and "Revenge". (Who needs those high-carb popcorns and chips !!!; D)

I usually make these green chips with kohlrabi leaves, but I've made the same thing with cauliflower greens many times too.

What is kohlrabi?

Low Carbs Green Chips Recipe Weight Loss (2)

Kohlrabi is also called Kashmiri Kadam and Ganth Gobhi and is a food store. In a single serving, the vegetables contain almost 50% of the daily value of vitamin A and 20% of vitamin C. They are rich in fiber, carotenoids, vitamins A, C, K and the B vitamins. It protects against colon and prostate cancer as it is rich in various antioxidants.

In addition to the vitamins, this vegetable is also rich in calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese and copper. Because it is high in potassium, kohlrabi is useful for maintaining the alkalinity of the blood, which in turn helps many ailments.

Health benefits of kohlrabi

Its high levels of antioxidants, potassium, and phosphorus help fight asthma, lung problems, cancer, high cholesterol, indigestion, and skin problems. Drinking kohlrabi juice after cardio exercise reduces the risk of heart problems. Kohlrabi Inhibits the Conversion of Sugar and Other Carbohydrates to Fat, Definitely a Better Way to Lose Weight 🙂!

Now let's get to my green chips.

Low Carb Green Chips Recipe

Wash the kohlrabi well under running tap water and pat dry. However, if you want to chop them up, you can leave the leaves as they are.

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Divide the leaves into two portions and spread them in the microwave. Micro High for about 10 minutes (the time is proportional to the power of your microwave.) The leaves should not burn, but be crispy and dry. (Keep an eye on the leaves for the first batch, they shouldn't catch fire as you will have an idea of ​​the duration for subsequent batches.)

When they're crispy, take your green chips out of the microwave and sprinkle some chat masala on top. Let them cool down. Tune in to your favorite movie or TV program now and enjoy your crunchy green chips.

You can also have this with some low-carb vegetarian mayonnaise and strawberries 🙂

Low Carbs Green Chips Recipe Weight Loss (3)

These chips are very low in carbohydrates and high in fiber. So you can easily make them and keep them in a dry container. Aah !! By the way, I just sanded off my last batch of green chips while writing this post 😀

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