Wanderlust Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn Recap

Brooklyn, you are always amazed. What an incredible energy carpet we woven together in Prospect Park on Sunday. A passerby said to me: “This is what the world needs right now. We need to get together with strangers. Like this. This is how we build trust in our community again, how we bridge the gap. You should do that every weekend. "

While our tired crew may object to the fact that it happens every weekend, we have to admit that after nearly two years with no large gatherings, this has been a healing balm. Like clockwork, the secret sauce of connection in the community seeped into the container we call wanderlust, and hearts were opened, thoughts expanded, and hugs made a comeback like nobody's business. In person or online, thank you for taking part.

Chelsea Jackson Roberts kept the room (and stage) beautiful for all of us. Taryn Toomey, founder of The Class, provided a beautiful heart-centered cathartic practice that was a perfect holistic training – and work IN – for our community (playlist here).

Seane Corn has done what she does best by giving a broader context to WHY we are practicing. “Yoga isn't about stretching … it's about reach.” With DJ Taz Rashid's soundbed, it was indeed a powerful exercise (playlist here).

Rev Angel Kyodo Williams shared a meditation that was a perfect guide back to yourself – back to belonging. "You deserve to remember who you are."

Rev. Angel was accompanied by Wanderlust OG Garth Stevenson, who teamed up with surprise guest Sonya Kitchell to create an ethereal "What a Wonderful World" that provided the perfect arc to the exercise trifecta. The entire arc of experience was profound. We hope you agree.

We are deeply grateful to our partners who made the event happen, including Sweaty Betty, Nirvana Water Sciences, and Volvo who you will hear below, as well as a handful of partners who are helping make the magic a reality at our events. We are grateful to them, and we are grateful to you for coming out and doing it magical. We love you brooklyn.

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WL108BK 2021

WL108BK 2021 Rev. Angel Garth

WL108BK 2021

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