Remote Reiki Healing

You may or may not have heard of distant healing and if so, you may be wondering what on earth it actually means.

In some of my darkest times, friends told me about distant healing, but even I was once a skeptic and rejected the concept. Instead, I decided to keep fighting in the haze and prolong my emotional pain. When I look back and know what I know now, I should have taken her advice.

Reiki is a gentle palm healing technique that focuses on rebalancing the energy centers and bringing body, mind and spirit back into harmony. If you need comfort or tranquility, and for some reason cannot leave the house due to your emotional or physical condition, a Reiki practitioner can perform a treatment for you remotely. All that is needed is a time, date, and location. You can enjoy the amazing benefits of Reiki anywhere in the world at any time convenient to you.

How is that even possible? When we dive into the world of quantum mechanics, we are all made up of energy, so we are all interconnected. With energy healing, the mere intention to connect with another in connection with visualization opens a path of flow.

We do not send treatment elsewhere as we are already connected.

Einstein discovered how energy in one place can affect energy in another. He called this phenomenon "creepy long-distance effect". I like to tell that to skeptics! Distant healing is not a woo-woo, it's science!

The nice thing about Reiki or any other energy healing method is that it goes beyond our learned perception of time and space. Theoretical physicists propose that our perceived reality is just a complex network of events onto which we project the idea of ​​past, present, and future for our own ease. Timelines are an illusion of memory, everything that ever happened and ever will happen is happening right now. Hence, we can send healing or connect to any event, person, or anything that has ever been at any time.

The recent work by Torsten A. Lange, founder of the Reiki Academy in London, has not only provided scientific evidence of the effects of Reiki on the water, but also of the effects of Reiki from a distance. The results show a remarkable change and improvement in the crystal structure of the water, even when it is sent from another location. This really shows us the power of intention and the potential that distance healing must change the way we look at healing in general.

Although quantum physicists want to explore the true nature of energy, for the most part it remains immeasurable. We just don't have the means to fully understand it yet, science is still catching up. However, we can measure the effects of energy healing by the success stories of those who turn to it when no other medical or psychological intervention has helped.

During the events of this year, people have increasingly opened up to the power of distant healing.

Not only has it helped with the physical, ongoing effects and aftermaths of Covid19, but it has also eased the emotional discomfort the pandemic has caused us. It eased mounting anxiety, eased pain and feelings of isolation, and was an incredibly valuable tool at a time when we were forced to keep our distance.

Yes, it is possible to give and receive healing remotely. And how do I know? Because I have sent hundreds of treatments around the world, even to those who initially seemed skeptical and incredulous, and not one person has ever reported feeling nothing. All have benefited from the calming effects of distance healing. I have also taught groups of students how to give remote Reiki treatments, their reactions are impressive and it always seems to be a turning point in their spiritual path.

Those who are on the receiving end of the Reiki distance report feelings of peace awash with comfort, buzzing sensations in their hands or feet, emotional release, deep, rejuvenating calm, and pain relief. One of the often reported sensations is the feeling of being covered by a warm white ceiling of light. Some can even sense which part of the body is being worked on.

Reiki can uncover the root cause of a problem and be the trigger that creates real positive change, even when administered remotely! I have seen unsteady shoulders, decreased anxiety, rest from the symptoms of illness, accelerated healing, and emotional reconciliation. Reiki only brings lasting positive changes and distance treatments are really amazing.

It is my wish that this precious path of healing is better known, understood and viewed with the respect it deserves. Recognizing and accepting its power and potential means unrestricted access to much-needed healing therapy and progress towards improved collective well-being.

– –

Alex de Angelis is a London-based wellness witch and writer with energy healing and self-integration at the center of her work. She is co-founder of the Academy of Healing Arts in London.

She is a certified Reiki master / teacher with Usui Shiki Ryoho (Reiki in western style) and Usui Reiki Ryoho (Reiki in eastern style) and offers other holistic healing methods, including Emotional Freedom Technique (emotional alchemy!), Sound Therapy, Past Life Healing and guided therapeutic nature walks in the urban wilderness.

Aside from that, Alex runs group healing events, transformative self development programs, offers intuitive development workshops and readings by throwing the runes, an oracle she has worked with for 22 years. She has nurtured her psychic and intuitive gifts under the guidance of psychic medium and teacher Nicky Huntingford, Reiki master and author Torsten A Lange and through studies at the College of Psychic Studies. She is also a writer for Witches Magazine, writer for Wanderlust GB Wellbeing Journal, and a ceremonialist at the Mandrake Hotel.

Your mission is to create space for others to feel held, heard, loved and healed on a deep soul level. With her strong sense of intuition, symbolic seeing, and healing hands, she can improve the lives of others and for that she is eternally grateful. Follow her on Instagram and her website.

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