Vegan One-Pot Bean Chili Recipe With Ginger, Cacao, & Cumin

Colder days mean more warming meals, and this one-pot chili recipe comes with some unexpectedly cozy spices. Ginger, cocoa, and harissa appear alongside the more common cumin and chili powder. These bonus ingredients amplify the benefits of the chilli – like chillies, ginger can help reduce inflammation.

Thanks to a mixture of lentils, quinoa and beans, this vegan chili is also full of fiber and vegetable protein. While you can enjoy it neat, the recipe is also suitable as a basis for other meals – ideal for preparing meals (bonus points: it is freezer-friendly). “This is such a versatile recipe,” write Ruby Bell and Milly Bagot, the team behind ByRuby and the authors of Freeze, “great with baked potatoes, whole wheat pasta or with a little coconut yogurt and freshly chopped avocado also makes a great vegan taco and wrap- Filling."

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