What It Means, 9 Signs & Dating Tips

If your partner shares that they are abrosexual, learn the term first if you don't know them. Consider asking her what it means to be abrosexual, says Stray Conger. Ask them about the circumstances that enabled them to initially recognize their sexuality, their patterns, and how they would like you to ask them about their fluctuating desires.

This will not only allow you to better understand and support your partner, but also to express your own needs and limits in the relationship. From there, you can support each other and do the work that it takes to create a relationship together.

Another great way to do things is to focus on being in the moment, says Queen. “Establish the healthiest possible relationship with the person so that you can be with them in the moment and not constantly look for signs of fluctuations in their feelings for you. Any relationship can fluctuate for many reasons, and being on guard can be counterproductive. "

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