Top 9 Diet Foods That Make You Fat

Top 9 Diet Foods That Make You Fat

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Are you stuffing your pantry with diet foods. By diet foods I mean those foods that claim to help you lose weight in TV commercials. Have you ever thought in your wildest dream that these foods are actually making you fat? No, right? Well, I am here to clear up a lot of misconceptions.

Here is a list of  Top 9 Diet Foods That Make You Fat

1. Gluten Free Foods

Diet Foods That Make You Fat

Gluten free is the buzz word these days. Gluten free junk food is equally bad as gluten containing junk food. Gluten free junk food is made with refined carbohydrates, sugar and several chemicals. Go in for foods that are naturally gluten free.

2. Agave Nectar


Agave nectar/syrup is available at the stores as a natural alternative to sugar. The truth is that it is not healthy at all.  It is even worse than sugar.

Now what makes sugar unhealthy?

The excessive amounts of the fructose found in sugar contains makes it unhealthy.

How come agave syrup is unhealthier than sugar?

The answer to that is simple, sugar contains 50% fructose and in comparison to that Agave contains as much as 70-90%!

Why is fructose considered to unhealthy?

  • Consuming excessive amounts of fructose can have terrible effects on metabolic health.
  • It can cause insulin resistance in the body.
  • It can also cause high triglycerides.
  • Blood sugars would get elevated.
  • It can affect your cholesterol in a devastating fashion.
  • It also causes abdominal obesity.

That is why people who want to be fit run away from sugar, and agave having 70-90% of fructose in it is indeed awful news. You can go in for a natural sweetener that has low fructose in it.

3. Granola Bars


Do you tend to grab the granola bar every now and then thinking that it is healthy? If you make it yourself maybe it would be healthy. But this mass production concept of food companies makes even healthy stuff unhealthy.

Yays of granola bar: It has oats and nuts that are very healthy.

Nays of granola bar: It has added sugar and oil, making it unhealthy

4. Low Fat Yogurt

06-15-10 yogurt cup07

Yes, yogurt is a very healthy food. But when it comes to low fat yogurt you better buckle up because when you remove fat from something you need to add all sorts of other stuff to compensate or else it will taste really bad. So in low-fat yogurt sugar or artificial sweeteners are added. This means that in the name of low-fat you are ingesting added sugars unnecessarily.

It has been found that saturated fat is not bad. It would be better to have the real yogurt instead.

5. Processed Salad Dressings


The ‘salad for lunch’ concept is the in thing now. Veggies are very healthy with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. So, salads are a very healthy option. If you add commercial salad dressings to your salad then I am sorry to say that you are making it unhealthy. The main problem with these processed dressings is that they contain soybean oil and high fructose corn syrup. You can either eat the salad without adding anything or add a few spices if you don’t like the bland taste.

6. Sugary Fruit Juices


Fruit juices have always been perceived as a healthier option to aerated drinks. Packaged fruit juice is not a healthy option at all as most of the times it is just sugar water with certain chemicals that taste like fruit.

It is better to eat the fruit rather than having the juice even if it is 100% pure. Why?  Because there’s no fibre in juice you would probably gulp down massive amounts of sugar in a jiffy. One cup of orange juice has as much sugar as two whole oranges. Eat the fruit as a whole as you will get the fibre in it too.

 7. Diet Aerated Drinks

diet soda

Worst choice of all is replacing sugar sweetened aerated drinks with diet soda. People do this for weight loss but that just doesn’t happen. Why? This is because artificial sweeteners can kindle the appetite in some people. So they tend to eat more of other stuff. It can also cause other complications in individuals.

8. Organic Processed Foods


If you buy organic Dal, eggs and veggies it is really good. If you are into consumption of organic processed food then it not a very good idea. There is not any real difference between organic processed food and other processed stuff. They have unhealthy ingredients.

9. Breakfast Cereals


Do you kick start the day with a ‘weight loss expert’ health cereal ? Let me tell you that it is not a good idea at all. These cereals are overloaded with sugar and refined carbohydrates (refined flour), which are well known to be fattening.

Having this as your first meal of the day can cause a spike in your blood sugar and insulin levels. After a few hours when your blood sugar crashes, your body will crave for a snack that has lots of refined carbs in it.

Choose a cereal that has no sugar and refined carbs in it. The best way out is to start reading labels so that you know what is going inside you. These ‘low fat’ and ‘whole grain’ cereals are sugar laden and very unhealthy.

Stay healthy!!

How many of these Top 9 Diet Foods That Make You Fat, are you consuming?

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